From Principal's Desk

Knowledge provides advancement in life. When a person is self-aware, he begins to understand his purpose. He understands that the world is not just about life and death. He keeps a good behavior, respects others and shows kindness to others, etc. Unlike an uneducated or illiterate person, who is not even aware of himself, he is lost and does not know his purpose.

I am very much proud to head such an institution which purely emphasizes on the holistic development of the students to be a good learned person, to be a good human, to be a good citizen of our country. In my opinion education is nothing but second to Oxygen in this 21st century and those who are without education are equal to dead.

Moreover education without technology is nothing in this competitive era and overcome the challenges; there will be much emphasis on STEAM which will be the bloodline of our college along the AI & ML. Thus I will strive hard to continue the legacy of this great institution with the kind assistance of my devoted and dedicated staff.

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